A metaphor

A mid summerÂ’s day neither cold nor warm
When rain descended neither dreary nor storm
I watched the droplets of rain strike a puddle
Each drop creating an aqua flower
That grew and blossomed only to die
Each living and dying in the blink of an eye.

All this, I thought a metaphor
My days not cold nor warm no more
And like florid splashes my days pass by
In the pools of time they too must die
And the rippling rings from each of my days
Are like memories in time of forgotten todays

It was on this day of dreary thought
My eye... I think, a sight it caught
A crow I recall or something comparable
So with gaze of envious wonder I follow
When all of a sudden within my sight
A vision - Like the bird, my heart took flight

Only briefly, I saw herÂ… A moment so slight
But time had released me from its dragnet might
Then when she smiled the old world died
The angels stopped singing, with joy they cried
And clouds did part to reform no more.
For never before a smile so beautiful, so pure

Then she was gone and I, left to surmise
To consider my vision and hypothesise
My world no more the colour of grey
So concluded I, that summers day
That what I saw
Was no metaphor

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