An Angels Secrect

I come to you one night,
An angel in disgues.
I inhale your sweet scent,
As I close my eyes.
I touch your soft lips,
With my fingertips.
I shiver as I imagine,
What on earth, could be like heaven.
Your body shifts as you lay in bed.
Now I know your not just in my head.
As real as anything could be.
I come to you, you come to me.
I climb upon the bed where you rest.
I wander inside, could this just be a test.
Angels can't fall inlove,
But why do we fit, so nice like a glove.
Inside your arms is where I am,
Should I just get up, I don't know if I can stand.
The feel of your body, so close to mine,
I just want to lay here, give me the time.
You sleep so soundly, I am glad you did not wake,
I don't know if I could have been here, I can't show you my face.
I left before you got up today,
But please know that I so wanted to stay
A feather on your pillow, will let you know I was there.
The next time that I come, can I do more than just stare?

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