You would leave her.
Abandon the course.
Seek shelter elsewhere.
Find new comfort.

Not here.

She reviles you for your ways.
You find no peace there.
You seek companionship.
To explore your possibilities.

Not with me.

You feign piety.
You bring succor.
You offer tokens and trinkets.
You weave words.

Who are they for?

You pretend.
You?re transparent as glass.
I look through you.
I see nothing there.

Share with me.

You cannot.
You are cowardice.
You are deceitful.
You manipulate.


I think not.
You decry.
I resist.
You are false.

Tell the truth.

Theft is your aim.
Why don?t you just ask?
I would give it gladly.
But you are cloying.

Find your center.

Know thyself, man.
Then know me.
Analyze me not.
I?m not your toy.

Self correct first.

Heal your own wounds.
Then heal mine.
Search out your past.
Restore meaning to its memory.

Grow past your fear.

The world is large.
It casts specters.
It haunts us daily.
It offers us little comfort.

Be one with me now.

Speak not of others.
Be only with our moment.
Seduce me without guile.
For I await your loving touch.

Part gently.

We know only a minute?s grace.
We cannot arrest time?s passage.
Let it wash over us.
We will be renewed by each other.

The days will come and go
This moment will be ours only if we make it so.

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