Passionate Dream

Fell for a man I only met twice,
Who do I turn to for some advice?
How did this happen, happen to me?
For I am married, married you see.
Love is mysterious for this is so true,
I had a dream, a beautiful dream of you.
I try ever so hard not to think of this dream and dread,
For it is too painful and won't escape out of my head.
I try to stop this and try and try,
And now all I ever do is cry.
I can't stop thinking about you because you're always on my mind,
You are like a precious gem exquisite and ever hard to find.
I call and I call to talk to you which is all in vain,
I really need to tell you that I am so deep in pain.
I really don't mean to burden you with my crime of passion,
What I need right now i s your understanding and compassion.
It's been a while but I can picture your face,
I search and I search to see you from place to place.
You are a good person and I sense it through and through,
Please help me in this torment - I don't know what to do.

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