My fantasy

Every time I see his face
I Dream
I wander off into a fantasy
As if, even whales can fly
I see his face
Oh, and what a handsome face it is
His soft brown skin
Like, like caramel with a hint of cocoa
Then, almost at once
I look into his beautiful eyes
A brown
But not just any brown
A dark kisses color
Like the kisses he could give me
Oh boy and I melt
And blend in with him like
Cream and Coffee
Oooh and it’s hot
Real hot
And he passes me
He has left me
Without his face to last me
But what’s that
It’s his scent
The scent of, of
Almost a…
Hmmm soo good
I love it
I’m left with a sweet memory
Or maybe pears
But just as fast as he came
Is as fast as he went
And when I wake
I can still smell him
But the whales can only swim
And my dream is now gone
But his smell still lingers
And I know that I will have him another night

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