ABC's of life

Always think about where your going
Bout what your gonna do with your life
Concentrate on graduating
Dont let anyone take your pride
Even when you start to slip
Find a way to get a grip
Giving up isnt the thing to do
Helping others will get you through
Incredible things can happen in life
Just rise above the pain and strife
Know that things wont always be easy
Love in life may seem hazy
Memories are sometimes bad
Never let them make you sad
Open up your heart to others
Prove to them your loves true colors
Questions in life may seem tough
Remember times are going to be rough
Someone will always love you
This I promise to be true
Use your life to do your best
Views are high: make life a quest
Welcome friends with open arms
X-out ones that bring you harm
Your life is what you make of it
Zo do your best and never quit!!!!!

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