Let Me In

Let Me In.
By: Victoria Saavedra

Oh sunny girl wont you tell me your secret?
Sing me the lyrics to your song?
Let me in.
Let me hear the beat in your heart.
Let me understand.
Oh sunny girl sell me your painting.
The price doesn’t matter.
Let me in.
I just want to be let inside of you.
Oh sunny girl.
Show me how this works.
Let me in.
I want front row seats sunny girl.
A dozen roses for you and a million bravos’.
Break a leg sunny girl.
Let me in.
I’d die to see you smile.
Oh to see my sunny girl happy.
I want to feel the way you feel.
Let me in.
Tell me what is that power built inside of you?
Show me sunny girl.
Tell me again where laughter came from?
Let me in.
If there is such a thing as true happiness, never ending laughter, and eternal satisfaction…
Sunny girl knows.
She will let you in.
Let them in sunny girl.
Let them in.
Show them who he is.
Show them who Jesus Christ is.
Oh sunny girl.

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