Dark Skyscrapers scratch the yellow sky,
like claws, and black Crows settle down everywhere, even on the steps of the Courthouse,
squawking..."A penny for your thoughts, pure
silver for a lie."

Red tongues pop out from under trash can lids
and clatter "He took the last train out of town, run for your life."

Dead Undertakers sit beneath railroad bridges
turning dark yellow as the newspapers blow from
their hands.

All the backbones of toil laugh with glee as great
mansions fall into fiery seizures of opening lava
pits. They easily break their chains and shoot
upward on Swallows Wings.

The Earth becomes a sea of writhing scaley

One by one the Nuclear Plants bloom and blast
their radioactive seeds into the boiling atmosphere.

The remaining Angels toss their "Fly for Miles "cards away and chase after the Swallows.

Somewhere an Olive Tree mountain is splitting.

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