Hindi Holiday

Hadji screamed; "The Saddhus refuse to pray!
We are all doomed. Run away from the Ganges,
before they throw us to the Crocodiles!"
Hari Krishna said, "Oh lowly disbeliever, you
forgot to call upon me. I, whom have eyes in
my molecules, see your foolish weakness."
"But great one, Shiva says no, I must worship
him Then Ganeesh says he is the one. We
have sixty four thousand Gods and so far not one
has saved us yet. I don't think you are even gods
The gods were angry and they announced; "That
since you have little faith, then we will punish you
by not helping you." Then they disappeared.
Hadji began to cry, it was then he heard someone chanting; "You cry for nothing my little one,
you will not perish, nor leave this land of Sun;
Because you are dark and lovable,
like the rocks, and the dirt, you are an untouchable."
When Hadji looked behind him, he saw a huge crocodile smiling at him with great jagged teeth and he was bloated from eating the dead in the Ganges. "You are not an eviil old Crocodile," said Hadji. "You are just another viewpoint of life." With
that the Crocodile disappeared.
"Why don't you just believe in yourself,?" said a little emerald and ruby tree frog that hopped on his head. At that moment a citar began to wail a single plaintiff note, then Og the blue Cobra hissed,"Hadji
the Fakir is doing his rope trick in the street." So Hadji arrived just as the Fakir threw the rope into the air. At last I know what I must do, and Hadji followed the Fakir up the rope and disappeared.

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