The river flows

The river flows in a place nobody knows. It's like my mind drifting to somewhere no one goes. The leaves that fall bring to my memory the past that once had its glory. The echo of the river is so light. It is the complete opposite of the battle I have to fight. A battle that I may never seem to win for love is a soldier, a knight so mean. When will the battle of the unconquered love start? I didn't know the answer until arrows struck my heart. There it made a plethora of growing pain like needles puncturing as drops of rain. Hurt is one thing love can do, but why do I keep my self falling for you? I never know when this love's tempest will end but, I'm hoping that afterwards a rainbow shall bend. I shall see the rainbow in my heart when its already empty of all love's sorrow. Perhaps that's in the final stretch where the winding river stops to flow.

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