History has it wrong
You were supposed to be with me
I cannot help the way I feel
But, maybe love's not our Destiny

I've felt this way for many years
Since I've first laid eyes on you
Your beauty, charm, and innocence drew me in
But now, I know the truth

When your life was turned around
I thought of only you
I wanted to be of help
Because that's what friends do

Late one night, on the floor you sat
It broke my heart to see you there
You were quiet, tired, weary
It broke my heart, because I care

Over time I got to know
A girl I thought I knew
This girl and her boys are special to me
I hoped that I was special to them too.

One night I felt so very weak
and chanced to tell you how I longed
for lust WITH love is never wrong

To kiss, to touch, to smell, to taste
my spoken thoughts were not a waste

Life is too short to not know the truth
my loving you is absolute

I left that night out of respect
although, I wanted to stay
you felt so good and smelled so good
but, I left anyway

It's hard to know where to set the line
although, it's easy to cross
I was not rejecting you
but, I could not bear the loss
for if I forced you away from me
I could not pay the cost

I tried to show you how I cared
In my many, clumsy ways
That I'd forever wait for you
If there ever was a day...

As time went on
I'd seen more clear
That you'd grown on me
But, to you, I'm not dear

I'm coming to the end of this poem
My thoughts are running dry
I wish you all the world has to offer
I cannot say goodbye

I wish you Love, Peace, Happiness too
where ever you may go
and if you ever think of me
I hope that you will know
that I'll always be your friend
and, in my heart you'll always glow

Your beautiful smile, the amber in your eyes
will get me through life's troublesome times
where ever I go, whatever I may do
everyday, I will think of you

You touched my heart, I can't deny
If you look deep inside yourself, you'll see why

Now it's time to end this poem
I have one last thing to say
Take care of the boys and yourself
and tell them you love them everyday

I probably have it wrong
maybe, you were not meant to be with me
I can still love you
But, maybe it's not our destiny

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