bitter tears

my love, my world
you turn me down cold
oh, the lies and falsehoods
to me they have told

for long have they whispered
of your deep love for me
i soon began to believe them
and felt so joyous and free

but one day
my dreams like glass shattered
when you took me aside
and snatched away all that ever mattered

you said i felt to you
as sister does to brother
looked me in the eye, apologized
then chased after some other

oh, your girl so angelic
who can compare?
i flee toward forest
to hilltops past there

where i knelt and wept
my love, my hate, my fears
they welled up in me
and poured out as tears

bitter tears from a bitter heart
a lonely soul now without cause
still my love for you remains
dragging me to fate's jaws

there i will be in torment
there i will be in pain
the sun will forever hide from me
in my heart eternal rain

never again
will i lightly float
or be carried home
on love's boat

for what i was
i am no more
cruel love has ruined
the girl before

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