Final Plea

In the darkness of the morning
I should be fast asleep
when no one else is watching
I think of you and weep
For everything you were to me
And all you cannot be.
Why did you make me love you?
If you cared, you'd set me free

In the stillness of the morning
When the ghosts can pity me
Past the twilight of the evening
A prisoner drifting in the see
I'm in love with shadows
With memories of broken arrows
Slung at my heart long ago
Pining for a taste of one last sorrow.

My body yearns to ride your waves
My lunacy wants you anyway
I'm growing old and stupid
I'm fumbling in my ways
I'll regret this all one day

Do you care that I am losing
All that was real to me?
Do you love me enough to set me free?
Phantom of the morrow
The past and not today.
I know I can not have you
I want you anyway.

You never loved me enough to know
Why I had to let you go.
You only want me to yourself
To have you're way and go.
You do not care that I am losing
All that was real to me.
You do not care enough to love me
You will never set me free.

In the twilight of the morning
When the spirits show the way
And comfort me with shadows
For what I cannot say
You want me so to love you
But your love was never true
Do I wait for my world to crumble
Before I finally break my bonds from you?

Perhaps you wanted it all to crumble
Many years ago
A prisoner of your own destiny
A fate you could not ever show
Did you want me to be the one
To end it all for you?
Playing with fire, to be undone
Nothing lost and nothing won
Everything just crashing down
To melt away like rain
So you could open your eyes to the new path
A new sought after lane?

It could burst at any second
We could ruin both our lives
Do you care that it could happen?
Will it open up your eyes?
Phantom of the twilight
Sheilded in your majesty
You do not understand me
Enough to set me free.

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