Sakura and Hanami

The fall breeze blows, empty, death stricken.
Two more season's till Spring.
Sakura, sakura, my Cherry Blossoms!
Nobody loves them as I do.
In the Hanami people drink and eat.
They do not even stop and look
At the blossoms, frail in their mortality.
Nothing of beauty can ever stay.
After a week, they go away.
I didn't go to socialze,
to drink the saki and the wine.
I breathed in deep her sweetest smell.
I touched her petals, watched how they fell.
I took some home until they whithered;
So frail, so pure, so fleeting;
But my love for her can never die.
In fall I look and wonder why
She doesn't blosssom all year long.
I search the town to hear the song.
Of the Cherry Blossom, the prettiest tree.
I long to have her here with me.
And scoff at those who took for granted
The fleeting beauty
When they had the chance;
Drinking their saki and their wine
As the petals fell on their laps.
But how can they be any better
Than one who looks at a bare branch in fall
Or a snow filled orchard in winter time,
Forgetting all but what was there,
Hoping a miracle would appear
And one would sprout in the summer or fall;
But the petals do not come at all.
Perhaps I am more the fool than they.
To long for one that could not stay.

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