remember me always

With it being so cold I don't know what 's right or wrong no more I'm lost in my own mind let along this world. I can't explain the distance I've place between me and myself, it feels like i'm being miss but yet i still refuse it, like there's no chance for me of all people to be happy or to experiance an abundance of that gift. My spins for fortune and my wheel keeps landing on bankrupt, I wonder when can I win. I challenge my past to see my future of course it didn't last to see tomorrow,but the real question is do I let that affect my present. My plans is to reach for the sky no.. this is not a stick up yo it's just my quest to live in heaven while on earth. We live to complete all goals on our list but tell me what's accomplishment's without someone to share the wealth with. We can play ourselves all we want but at thee end we're still going to be miss regardless, can't run and hide forever. Here is a riddle that many people can't get, "My world is full but my sky is empty what do I miss?"

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