My Lost Love

Here I am in my twilight years,
Remembering a love long gone.
I realize now that she was the one,
But it's too late, and now I grieve.
She was right there before me,
And yet I was blind.
She reached out for me,
But I was not there.
A peaceful, gentle spirit,
So loving, so kind, so true,
I was a fool not to see it.
How I long for her gentle touch once again,
The smell of her long, silky hair,
The feel of her warm body against mine.
I still see her in my mind
Imagining what might have been.
I feel her in the depths of my soul.
I cry out, "I am so in love with you!"
But the words fade into the night.
My love burns white hot for her;
A love unrequited, and now I grieve.
God forgive me for breaking her heart,
One so special, so unique.
Never will there be another like her,
My lost love, so beautiful, so gentle, so kind.
Never will she know the intense love I feel,
My lost love; a peaceful spirit.


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