Annoying immaturity

you resent me.
because i am free.
free from maturity.
thats me. and thats who i choose to be, take or leave it.
believe me. no longer decieve me.

although i can grow up.
i choose to right now be me.
with out having to pretend to be,
something else.
something boring and unfeeling.

i can see the anger in your eyes.
some anoyance darkens your irises.
i missed years of my life.
chose to grow up fast.
now i slow down. to make immaturity last.

it seems like such a problem for you.
i tell you not to worry.
concern isnt yours to feel for me.
dont make me hurry.

i think out loud.
you find it irritating.
three's a crowd.
i dont like sharring

i do care for you.
but i will not wait for you.
make up your mind.
or i will leave you behind.

here i am. here and now.
not tomorrow. not forever.
i deserve better.
not brain washing.
or convincing. truth. and convicting.
i leave it up to you.

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