Avant Gorge

Once there was a paper Sun
over a stage.......

with Apollo's face
spouting riddles while wood
Nymphs held hands and danced
around giant mache' Mushrooms.

A Fairy flies in and scares them off,
only to get caught in the crushing
jaws of a big nutcracker.

Andy Wahol made sure that Marilyn
Monroe sold Campbells Soup to a class
that prefered Caviar, and Shakespeare
has always been thrust upon us by a
big pompus ass flouncing on stage to fling his affectations upon a confused audience !

And there they sit, composing
metaphoric word puzzles,
according to the academic frame,
to tease the reader into thinking
that since they don't understand
what they have done, neither
will the rest , to open the door
to genius.......But pray ,
for a bitchy critic to explain
it to everyone.

It was Leonardo Da Vinci who
made sure......
that the Mona Lisa will always
be smiling at Picasso!

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