Wouldn't trade a moment but can't change a thing

When once in a lifetime an angel descends from Heaven. Do
you tell her that her beauty is unmatched, or does she
already know? Â Can you tell her that her lovliness brings tears
to your eyes? Do you tell her that her smile is warmer than
any sunset? What do you do when her brightness shines
your way, when her eyes pull you in and hold you with cords
of enchantment? Nothing can be done but to melt away
happily into nothingness. For I have told her my heart, that
she is adored, that the day she marries another the earth will
shift out of orbit. Now, I have lost her forever. The time is
almost here when sheÂ’ll take her place among the firmament,
sharing her beauty from afar. For I am spent and she
rightfully belongs to another. I will never forget G.O.

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