4 Hidden (Hot!) Erogenous Zones

The skin is the body's largest sex organ - all that pleasure is transmitted through it, after all - and touching it is the fast track to turning each other on. And we mean fast. Erotic sensations can travel from your skin to your brain at speeds up to 156 miles per hour!

With all that seduction power literally at your fingertips, why limit yourself to just the usual erogenous zones? Don't forget these less explored hot spots!

Hidden Hot Spot #1: Necks

Though many erotic travelers begin their journey at the lips, try exploring this nearby trail between the head and shoulders. On her: give special attention to the back of her neck. Because it's out of sight, it's often overlooked, but attention there stimulates two different types of tissues and creates two different, simultaneous, sensations. For him, pay attention to the area just under his adam's apple. You'll target his thyroid glands, which are linked in Chinese medicine to the sex organs.

Hidden Hot Spot #2: Backs

A little attention here is both relaxing and builds receptiveness to other advances. Begin at the base of the spine, pressing your thumbs along either side of the vertebrae. Slowly move your thumbs upward toward the neck. Oil will make the going smoother, plus some aromatherapy experts say the scent of jasmine and sandalwood act as aphrodisiacs. Just make sure you move on to other locations before your relax your partner into a nap!

Hidden Hot Spot #3: Thighs

Perhaps it's their proximity to more well-loved locales, but the upper legs get little erotic attention. The whole area is an erogenous zone that can be tantalized with massage, tickling and even breathing. Keep it light on the ladies -- her skin is thinner and more sensitive here and is especially responsive to heat and touch.

Hidden Hot Spot #5: Feet

The Chinese believe the feet to be the gateway to the rest of the body-including those better-known hot spots. According to the principles of reflexology, massaging the arches of one's feet will release feel-good endorphins and pulling gently on toes will release anxiety. Bonus points for stroking up the calves and teasing the sensitive area behind the knees.

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