5 Fights You'll Never Win

Women love arguments. It gives us a chance to talk (or yell) about our feelings, understand each other better, explain to you how you can be a better boyfriend. We're the ones that tell you that conflicts are good for relationships.

Men, on the other hand, hate arguments. Maybe it's because you hate conflict. Or because you just don't want to get into it before the fourth quarter starts. Or maybe it's because we almost always find a way to spank you in a spat, even if your position is seemingly invincible.

Thinking of trying to win one of these classic arguments? Don't even bother.

Can't Win Clash #1: Style

Those oversized sunglasses. The baggy "boho" look. Those ridiculous fuzzy boots. It's fashion, guys, and she knows (or thinks she knows) you just don't get it. You might as well accept it now - even if you disagree, even if Tim Gunn would disagree - that everything she wears looks great. Even if you notice the double standard that she's allowed to critique, criticize, and otherwise completely overhaul your wardrobe, we advise you to keep your mouth shut.

Can't Win Clash #2: Her Friends

Even if you genuinely like them, it's best to take a neutral position on friendships. After all, "Boy, your friend Jen is really hot," is not likely to be received any better than, "Is Amy always such a whiny bitch?"

Can't Win Clash #3: Money

Finances are one of the top issues couples fight over. But unless her money is also your money, you've got no right to question her dropping a couple hundred bucks on a single pair of shoes. Unless, of course, you want to talk about that pricey stereo system of yours.

Can't Win Clash #4: Her Exes

She knows dating that asshat was a mistake. But he was her mistake, and she's going to get very defensive if you insist on reminding her of that lapse in judgment.

Can't Win Clash #5: Your Solutions to Her Problems

Don't make the classic guy mistake of chiming in with advice when she's just trying to vent about her day. She knows how she's going to handle her annoying boss or crazy mom. Good intentions or not, you're better off just offering her support, not your two cents.

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