Capturing Her Attention Online

Online dating is more popular than ever as a way to meet women. Whether you're trying it for the first time or just looking for more success with the dating sites, here are some tips for getting beyond the virtual meeting.

Polish Your Profile
After you've drafted your profile with the descriptive comments about your personality and what you are looking for in a date, have a close friend look it over. Your pal can let you know if anything sounds too cheesy or maybe even suggest some great aspects of your personality that you forgot to mention. Use your spell check and have someone who is good at proofreading look it over too. Sloppy typing could get you crossed off this list of prospects.

Smile for the Camera
Admit it - you occasionally take a bad photo. One where your gut looks like a keg of beer or your smile makes you look like the crazy villain on the latest horror flick. Get some help - have a woman friend pick out your best photos for your online profile. Look critically at the pics other guys are posting too. Yes - you are still in competition with other dudes even for online dating. Know what the competition is bringing - and go one better by showing the best side of your appearance and personality in the photos you post.

Work at It
Even if you're not looking for a long-term relationship, you're going to have more success finding women who want to date you if you approach them with respect. When you e-mail her, you need to say something more than hi, or you'll appear cocky or lazy. You can compliment a woman without commenting on her sexy figure or how hot she is. Pick out a specific feature you like - eyes or smile maybe - and tell her why her photo caught your attention. But also be sure to pick some specific aspect of her written profile and tell her why that made a connection with you.

Keep It Simple
In the beginning, you also don't want to say too much. If you come on too strong before you get to know each other a bit, she'll get turned off and shut you down. Your goal is to stay in the zone, not get kicked out for unsportsmanlike conduct. Keep expanding on aspects of what you like and what makes you unique, while asking her about her own interests and personality.

Make the Move
After she responds and you have a bit of an e-mail or IM dialogue going, don't take too long to ask her to meet. Women like confidence in a man, and you need to show her you're both confident and interested in her. If you wait too long, she may move on to a more assertive guy. When do meet, suggest a neutral place, to ease any nervousness about meeting a complete stranger. Give her some options and allow her to choose the spot.

Show Your Follow Through
After you meet, make sure to follow up with an e-mail or phone call to reinforce why you hit it off. Mention some common interests you have and how much you liked her outlook on a specific topic. You want to leave her with positive impressions and then remind her again why she should be attracted to you.

You definitely need to work just as hard at online dating as you do when trying to meet women out in public places. Whether you first meet virtually or in person, it's important to make a great first impression. After that, you have to be yourself, but the best version of yourself, in order to keep her coming back for more.

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