Bad Boys' Secrets to Getting Hot Babes

You don't have to be as hot as Brad Pitt to attract women like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. When it comes to getting women who measure 36-26-36 to pay attention to you, it's more about your attitude and style, not your face or the thickness of your wallet.

Always remember that beautiful women are only human. They want to be appreciated for their heart and soul, not their bodies. It's a little known fact that beautiful women rarely get asked out. Men are afraid of them. So don't be shy about trying to fill that vacancy in their lives. Print out this list of how you should act around beautiful women. Put it in your wallet and check it the next time you find yourself sitting next to a model.

  • Act somewhat aloof. Pretend you're around women hotter than her regularly.
  • Never tell her she's beautiful. Not at least until you've scored a date. She'll think you're only after her for her looks. Besides, men tell her that ten times a day. It's boring.
  • Don't use any pick up lines. No matter how suave you think the line is, she'll think it's foolish. Just tell her your name and shake her hand.
  • Keep her on her toes. Don't throw softball questions at her. Ask her out-of-the-ordinary questions. If your conversation isn't run of the mill, she'll think you're unique and worthy of her time.
  • Don't try to impress her by babbling on and on about your amazing feats and skills. Show interest in her life instead. Ask questions.
  • Eventually, she'll ask about your life. Imply you are the happiest guy in town. Don't tell her how much you hate your job, or scare her off by talking about your credit card debt. Boast about your job, family, friends and activities, even if you have to lie.
  • Dress to suit your body. As we said, you don't need to look like Brad Pitt. But don't look like a bum either. Wear clothes that hide your flab, but make you look fab. Need help? Go to a store you like and ask someone who works there for their advice.
  • Don't act desperate. Even if you're so lonely you cry every night, send off the vibe that you could take her or leave her.
  • Remember beauty is only skin deep. Sure, it would be nice to date a hot woman. But always keep in mind that what you're really searching for is your soul mate. If a model-wanna be isn't interested in you, so be it. You'll find someone who is.
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    Try These Pickup Lines

    • Here's a quarter to call heaven to let them know you're lost.
    • Damn! And I thought I was good looking!
    • I'll marry you tomorrow, but let's honeymoon tonight.
    • You're not that ugly.
    • I noticed you noticing me, and I'd like to notify you that I noticed you, too.