Bad Timing! 4 Occasions When You Shouldn't Say "I Love You"

It's one of the first big relationship milestones, saying that first "I love you." And it can be hard to hold back when you're ready to make your love known. But if you want to give yourself the best chance of hearing "I love you, too!" back, consider how receptive - or not - your audience will be.

There may be no hard and fast "right time" to drop the L-bomb, but there are times that are definitely wrong...

Bad Timing #1: When You're Wasted

Sure, the booze makes being brave easier, but do you really want your sweetheart to wonder if it's just the margaritas talking? Instead, make your declaration before you hit the bottle and then you'll really have something to celebrate.

Bad Timing #2: When You're In Bed

It's easy to get caught up in a passionate moment and blurt (or yell or pant) out your undying love. But making that first declaration during the act will leave your lover wondering if you love him or just orgasms.

Bad Timing #3: When You're Apart

That first "I love you" should be treated as a special occasion - don't waste it on an email, text message or phone call. If you mean it, you mean it enough to look someone in the eye and say it out loud. No matter how many emoticons, hearts or stupid typed-out roses you pin on it, it'll never seem sincere without being exchanged face to face.

Bad Timing #4: When You're Not Sure It's Reciprocated

Calculate whether your partner is in a similar place by testing the waters with statements like, "I'm falling for you." If they don't rely with a similar sentiment, you might want to hold off until they do.

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