What A Woman's Clothes Say About Her Bedroom Style

Of course you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Yah, yah, and you shouldn't cheat on exams and lie to your mother either. But some things just can't be avoided. In fact, you can tell a lot about a woman by her outward appearance -- after all, her clothes are often a deliberate expression of her sexuality.

Jeans and a T-shirt
The jeans and t-shirt girl is easy-going and confident. She's comfortable and relaxed, which means she's the same way in the bedroom. You'll probably have a lot of fun with this girl. Just don't let her break your heart.

Designer Labels
If she's relying on designers to dress her, she's probably not very spontaneous in bed. She may even be a little lazy. Can you say missionary position?

High Heels and Miniskirts
The biggest mistake a guy can make is assuming a girl in high heels and a short skirt is a sure thing. In fact, a girl who dresses provocatively may just be interested in getting noticed. Noticed, mind you, not touched. Approach at your own risk.

Tight Clothes
Girls in tight outfits may be fun to look at, but that fun won't necessarily carry over into the bedroom. Think about it: if she's been wearing those tight clothes all day, she'll probably be exhausted and in need of a nap by the time you get her home. She might even fall asleep on you, so set an alarm.

Eclectic Dresser
A girl who wears lots of color and funky patterns, who likes clothes that make her stand out in an original way--but not necessarily in a provocative way--may be the most adventurous in bed. If she's into experimenting with clothes, she may be game to do the same in the bedroom. Keep your fingers crossed.

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