Don't Be Tempted By Your Best Friend's Girl

Nothing wrong with lusting after your best friend's girl - as long as you don't do anything more than dream. But what about when she's lusting after you? Now you're treading on tricky ground. If she's getting a bit too close for comfort, you might need to plan some strategies for lowering her lust factor.

Her Move: When you say hello, your buddy's girl gives you extra close hugs and lingering kisses on the cheek.
Your Thought: Well, she's doing this in front of her boyfriend, so it must be harmless. But why do I feel like I'm being hit on?
Reality Check: She's taking advantage of your buddy's trust and your friendship to flirt a little too much. For the next greeting, have your hands full and walk away quickly to avoid the hug and smooch.

Her Move: When your buddy goes to the bathroom or makes a beer run, she spills something on you or bumps into you.
Your Thought: Hmm, why is she leaning down so her cleavage is in full view? Hey now! I can wipe that spill off my jeans on my own - she must not realize her hand is brushing more than my pocket.
Reality Check: She definitely knows what she's doing. She's giving you a taste of what she'd really like to do with you. Pull her hands away (yes, really!) and say, "thanks but I can handle this on my own."

Her Move: She asks you for a favor and then offers to take you to lunch to thank you. When you set the time to meet, she says, "It's a date!"
Your Thought: Whoa! Hope she isn't reading more into this than a friendly lunch. We're supposed to be friends . . . so why am I feeling so uncomfortable about this?
Reality Check: Maybe it's harmless and you'll hurt her feelings by canceling. But what if it's not? Better to avoid the risk altogether than to wait for her to make a move on you and put you smack in the middle of a lose-lose situation.

Her Move: She stops by to pick up the jacket she left at your place after a gathering, then asks for a cold drink and plops down on the sofa.
Your Thought: Wow! We're not usually alone in my place. Wish she'd stop holding that glass against her chest. I can't think straight.
Reality Check: She's trying to get you to notice the condensation dripping off her glass into...wait! Shut her down, and get her out of your place fast!

If any of these scenarios sounds a little too familiar, you're not to blame. But make no mistake, your friend will blame you if it goes any further.

Your job is to find a way to make her back off. Ask another buddy to run interference when she's on the move. Or plan lots of guys-only bonding time so she's excluded. If all else fails, tell her directly that you feel she's being a little too flirty and you don't think her guy would appreciate it. Whatever you do, don't let your buddy's dream girl pull you into a friendship-busting nightmare!

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