Start a New Dating Trend

When you think about your past relationships, can you identify a particular type of woman that you tend to fall for? How's that been working out for you? If the answer is "not so well," then maybe you need to view the dating scene with a more critical eye.

When your relationship patterns aren't turning out the way you want, it's smart to analyze where the problem might be and consciously make a change. Ask your friends to help you identify your bad habits, if you're having trouble recognizing your own modus operandi.

Superficial Looks
Maybe you've been too focused on looks when you set your sights on a woman. Do you tend to go for the hot body instead of the real personality? Is your type the woman who's always focused on her clothes, hair and makeup rather than a stimulating conversation? It's a cliché to say you should start with friendship, but being able to talk to each other really will sustain a relationship a lot longer than just liking her pretty face.

Mismatched Interests
Even if she's got a great personality and a hot body, you'll need to have some activities in common if the relationship's going to last. And that means doing more than watching TV and hitting the bedroom together. Are you both outdoorsy types? Do you like doing crossword puzzles? Maybe you both enjoy trolling through art museums or going to antique car shows? It pays to explore what interests you have in common before you get too intimately involved.

Domineering Personality
You might think you're attracted to independent women, but in reality you might be choosing the egotistic biatch instead of the strong-minded go-getter. Relationships involve two partners, and naturally they work best with give and take. If your type is the taker, maybe you'd better give those women a rest for a while.

Emotionally Unavailable
Naturally, you want to avoid the clingy girlfriend. A woman who's needy and greedy for your time is only going to get on your nerves. However, you can go to the other extreme as well. If she's only interested in dating around, and you want a long-term relationship, then you've got a situation on your hands. The best option is a woman who's emotionally warm and confident.

Once you've identified your dating pitfalls, have your friends lined up to help you break out of those bad habits. Then when you're tempted to approach a woman who fits your unsuccessful pattern, your buddies can step in and steer you in another direction - one that has a better chance of success.

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