Break Out of Your Sex Rut

Even really good sex can become routine. Sure, you're still getting off, but it's starting to feel a little perfunctory. That's because you're getting there the same way every time.

Here's how to banish that bedroom boredom.

Sex Rut #1: You do it at the same time.

It's as part of your nightly routine as brushing your teeth. You get ready for bed, hop under the covers, and hit the light - and then start getting busy. Problem is, having sex as part of a routine makes it seem like just another thing to fit into your schedule. To make your passion a little less predictable, start pouncing whenever the urge strikes, even if it's not especially convenient. Giving in to your erotic instincts at different times of the day makes your lust life hotter because it'll be unexpected.

Sex Rut #2: You do it in the same place.

Sure the bedroom is awfully convenient, but boooooring. You need to vary the venue in the same way you vary other means of stimulation. Finding a place to get frisky that feels a little taboo adds fun and makes you feel a little deviant - in the good way.

Sex Rut #3: You do the same things, in the same order.

First he puts his hand there, she'll kiss here, then he'll move there, and you know exactly where she's headed next. Sounds like your sex life is on autopilot. When you know the most efficient way of pleasing each other, it's easy to follow that same sequence every time. But when sex lacks variety, it fizzles. Take turns giving and receiving erotic attention - looking for untapped erotic territory - and play with different positions.

Sex Rut #4: You're just not as into it anymore.

The problem - and the only problem, as far as we can tell - with a steady diet of sex is that you tend to take it for granted. Fortunately, abstinence makes the heart (and the rest of your body, for that matter) grow fonder. Holding off on your hooking up for a few nights is a form of delayed gratification. The more anticipation you build, the hotter the payoff will be.

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