The Art of Chivalry:
What Every Guy Should Know

Save equality for the workplace. When it comes to dating, women want men to treat them like ladies: They want to feel adored, they want to be romanced. It may seem like an old-fashioned concept, but chivalry is nothing more than the willingness to treat a woman well.

Flower Power

Women love flowers. You've never met one who doesn't, and you never will. The ten bucks you spend on a bouquet will score you an infinite number of points. And if you don't have ten bucks, pick some flowers out of a stranger's garden. It's cheaper, but just as effective.

After You

Trust me when I say that there is nothing outdated about stepping aside and letting a woman walk through that door first. Whether you're walking into a ballroom or a grocery store, give her the right of way. Women remember the little things, and this is definitely something she'll file away.

My Treat

It's not recommended that you foot the bill on every date, but you should pick up the tab the first time. Don't let her pay, even if she offers. You'll be sending the signal that she's worth it, which she hopefully is.

Armed and Ready

Put your arm around her waist. You'll make her feel sexy and feminine by creating the feeling that you're there to protect her, that she's your girl (at least for the moment) and that everyone might as well know it. Works every time.

Allow Me

If she's thirsty, get her the glass of water. If she's cold, get her a sweater. Of course you're not at her beck and call, but it's important to cultivate the idea that you have her best interest in mind. Given time, she'll repay every one of your good deeds.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • I'll bet your smile can light up the whole room?Damn, I was wrong!
  • I bought this rose to show it how beautiful you are.
  • Excuse me, but I think I dropped something . . . My jaw!
  • What planet are you from? 'Cause I've never seen anyone like you before!
  • Is your name Schnapps? You give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.