Be a Man--With Style!

What you wear definitely affects the impression you make on the ladies. Even the most unpretentious girl is going to respond better to a guy who knows how to put together a look that highlights the best aspects of his personality.

Whether you're donning a suit for a business cocktail party or throwing together something casual for a weekend playing tourist, think before you dress! The vibe you send can make or break your ability to connect with potential partners.

Casual Attraction
A slightly stylish plaid shirt and jeans can fit in just about anywhere. So can a black T-shirt and black jeans. As with any look, though, the fit and style are important. If you're wearing a baggy T-shirt and baggy jeans, you're not bagging the hot girl.

Neat and casual can go together—and they should if you want to impress the women. The right fit means dressing for your own body type—not the one displayed by or movie stars or male models in magazines. If you're bigger in the middle, try to find a cut and pattern that minimizes that area. If you have small shoulders or a tiny butt, then look for styles that give the illusion of more muscle.

Business Not as Usual
An all-black suit looks good on just about any guy. How can you go wrong with all black? A solid color combo from top to bottom makes you look taller, too. Even if you don't have the height, you appear more in charge in a solid suit.

If you add a pop of color, you'll express individuality and ability to take risks. Maybe you wear an unexpected color dress shirt—like pink. Or perhaps you pair a slightly unusual combination of shirt and tie colors—say yellow and purple.

Remember, though, that these types of risks are safer in low-stakes situations. In general, you don't want to be on the cutting edge for a job interview or meeting your girlfriend's family, for instance.

Little Things That Count
A good way to express your personality is with accessories. The right belt can be an eye catcher. A classic pair of sunglasses can help you exude confidence. A pocket handkerchief peeking out of your suit can show quirkiness. A hat might express your desire to stand out. Shoes can do all kinds of things for your image, depending on the style. Can you carry off cowboy boots? A bright color in knock-around tennis shoes? Trendy flip-flops? Keep your eyes open and try something different.

As with all style risks, you're striving for fresh, not off-the-charts wacky. Take extra care with the element of your look that's drawing attention. Make sure nothing looks faded, dirty or sloppy.

It's good to push yourself a bit out of the mainstream, but you've still got to be in the comfort zone. Otherwise, your intention to look edgy could just put you on edge. Try for trendy that's still true to you.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • You didn't look this good three beers ago!
  • My name's Mike, and I'm rich. Need I say more?
  • Woman is checking you out) See something you like?
  • You look a lot like my future wife.
  • I'm not a music teacher, but I can make you sing like a choir.