Show Confidence, Not Cockiness

It's true - women are attracted to confident guys. But cocky dudes? Not so much. Make sure you strike the right balance between cockiness and confidence if you want to impress the ladies.

Be Selective
She's not blind. If you're a chick magnet, she'll know it. But if you take advantage of that magnetism by looking at and flirting with every girl that walks by, she'll be turned off. The guy who smiles with confidence and treats women with friendly respect will win more dates than the guy who's undressing women with his eyes as soon as her back is turned.

Don't Brag
Showing off can be a turn-off for women. Boasting about how much you can lift in the gym won't impress her. But inviting her to a flag football game so she can see your skill on the field will show her your fun side and your skills at the same time. Don't forget to reciprocate and show an interest in her passion for tennis or running. Then she'll recognize your power as real, not bravado. The same holds true for job success. If you acknowledge your own accomplishments but also show an interest in her career, she'll find you more attractive.

Tease to Please
Women like a guy who makes them laugh. So teasing her can be a good thing, as long as you don't take it too far. Don't insult her. And don't spend all your time joking around. She wants to know that you're seriously interested in talking to her, not just in making her laugh. Tease her about how smart she is or how long it takes her to look that beautiful. A joke laced with a compliment not only will make her laugh, but will make her smile too.

Act the Part
If you're not cocky but unfortunately not even confident, then you might trying faking it until you make it. Dress like you're attractive and you want her to know it, not like you're just any other guy in jeans and a T-shirt. Ask women friends or family members to tell you which colors and styles of shirts play up your best features. And carry yourself like you are a valuable catch. Smile with confidence at her, and she'll want to talk to you.

When it comes to attracting women, confidence is a key trait. She definitely wants to know you're worth talking to but also that you think she's really worth your time as well. The secret to showing confidence rather than cockiness is to carry yourself like you're a good catch but treat her like she's even more special than you are. Then you'll gain her very special attention.

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