Want to Get Your Paws on a Cougar?

Have you heard the rumors about dating cougars? Is the curiosity killing you? If so, consider the pros and cons of the increasingly popular cougar-cub matchup.

Be Happy About: Her Power
A woman who's hunting for a younger man has a certain amount of confidence and strength - think feline grace. She makes keeping fit and looking good a priority. When she spots her prey, she'll flex those muscles and leap.

Beware of: Playing or Preying
Do you two have very different intentions? Is she just looking for sex and you're looking for a relationship? Um, right. Never mind. How about the other way around? If you want the play date to continue beyond one night, make sure you're on the same wavelength about what you want.

Be Happy About: Her Perspective
You may find your cougar knows what she wants from a potential mate and makes that clear. She also knows what's worth growling about and what isn't. It's a bonus if she accepts your little flaws more easily than your previous partners.

Beware of: Embarrassing Immaturity
She wants a man who exudes energy and fun but not immature, rude behavior. Don't assume she's a sugar mama with low standards about the guys she dates. She expects intellectual stimulation, shared conversation and interests, and above all, manners.

Be Happy About: Her Prowess
Your youthful physique and boyish charm can inspire her to leap on you with a feline fixation at first. But in the long run, she might be less clingy and more focused than your previous girls. She's also probably more aware of what she wants in the bedroom and what she doesn't - and isn't afraid to communicate that with panther-like passion.

Beware of: Negative Feedback
If your friends give you a hard time, either they don't understand or they're jealous. Only you can decide if your cougar is worth the friendly attacks. And your family? You might want to wait a while before introducing them. They have protective instincts too and might lash out at your new woman. Give it a little time.

Beyond the age difference, remember that in any relationship, having similar goals, playing well together emotionally and intellectually, and sharing that animal magnetism will make you both growl with pleasure.

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