Creative Date Ideas

First dates typically take place in middle-of-the-road venues: coffee shops, restaurants, bars. But in order for the dating to continue, you'll need to give your date glimpses into your personality and you'll want to learn about hers. Be creative in planning your next date, and it could pay off.

Flex Your Muscles
If you have a sport in common, or she just wants to learn, then take her on a sports date. Play tennis or go running together. Both of those sports allow for conversation, but the activity level can help avoid those awkward early date conversation gaps. Try pool or ping pong to give the date a focus and an excuse to have fun. However, a bike ride might not be so great for getting acquainted better unless you can ride side by side on a very quiet trail. A note of caution: If you're competitive, try to hold it in check until she can laugh off your overzealous need to win.

Use Your Eyes and Ears
Attending a concert - jazz, bluegrass, beach music, string quartet - can be a nice way to forge a bond if you have similar interests. You can listen together, feel the good vibes and share your impressions as great post-concert conversation. Visiting an art museum also provides a way to soak up the creative energy and connect while sharing similar or different views of the artists and their work. Plus you'll be walking around close together, providing nice opportunities for hand holding or walking arm in arm if the connection grows.

View the Sights
Maybe your common interest is gardening or historic architecture. If so, you could take a walking tour of your city's downtown area during garden week. Even a ghost tour can bring you closer or at least make you laugh. If your interests lean more toward the great outdoors, then a boat tour focused on birds or shipwrecks could prove stimulating. The idea is to showcase a bit of your knowledge and provide changing scenery for discussion.

Heat Things Up
Another option is to cook together, if you have some particular strengths in the kitchen. Whether your specialty is fried chicken and cornbread or coq au vin and creme brulee, impress her with your skill. As you share the preparation, you'll have lots to talk about and, ideally, a fabulous meal to savor. Then comes the dessert . . . or whatever you two decide is next!

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • You're so fine, you make me want to go out and get a job.
  • You don't smell so bad for a fat chick.
  • You'll do.
  • My name's Mike, and I'm rich. Need I say more?
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