Get a New Crush - on Your Partner

Remember the first thrilling days of your romance? You anticipated every phone call, delighted in every new-found commonality and reveled in the slightly out-of-control free-fall as you tumbled into love.

Unfortunately, as relationships mature, you end up trading some of that reckless thrill for contentedness and familiarity. While you want to keep your rock-solid relationship, you may want to try our advice if your thrill has chilled.

Polish Your Flirting Proficiency

Just because you've attained coupledom, doesn't mean you should give up on the fun of flirting. Make suggestive eye contact. Rub a leg under the table. Laugh at even the dumbest jokes. In addition to the boost your guy or girl will get by all your amorous attention, you'll remind yourself of just how hard you had to work to attract him or her initially - and why it was worth all the effort.

Make a Date

Couples are happiest when they're spending time together, so arrange for a real date this week. That means calling your lover up (a surprise phone call at work, maybe) and asking him or her out. By treating the event with a little formality, you subtly shift your perception to thinking that it's more important - and more romantic - than your usual get-together.

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Remember that giddy rush you felt when you first got serious? Certain parts of the brain memorize those emotions. Little cues - like the ticket stub from your first-date movie or pictures of your first weekend away together - can trigger those feelings again. Reason enough to reread some old love letters, flip through your photo albums or visit your old stomping grounds.

Get (a Little) Jealous

This is not permission for either of you to cheat. But next time you're at some kind of social gathering, take stock of how other men or women react to your partner. Have you forgotten that your lazy slob of a boyfriend might be seen by other women as a dashing, debonair hunk?

Nix Nookie...Temporarily

The great thing about couplehood is that you can get it on pretty much whenever you want. Unfortunately, that round-the-clock availability makes it too easy for lovers to take sex for granted. Bring back the spark by abstaining from nookie for as long as you can stand.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • So, you want to make out or what?
  • You're the best looking girl I've seen in a while.
  • I'm not like all the other guys.
  • Hey, did you fart? Because you blew me away!
  • Do you go out with ex-cons?