Seeking a Dynamic Duo but You Feel Like a Joker?

Everybody's got a tale of success to share with you when you're disheartened about the dating game. “You can meet someone anywhere! My friend met her husband in the grocery store in the ice cream section....” “Talk to a ton of people! My buddy found his dream girl online and they're getting married next month....”

Do those success stories feel like urban legends to you? If so, then you might need some step-by-step advice to move from relationship cynic to dynamic duo. Look for common ground in true-life partnerships that prevail and you just might see how to pave your own road to victory.

Dynamic Do #1: Stop Going for Quantity
When you look at friends' relationships that are the real deal, you'll see that the number of dates you have does not equal success. The people who continue to go from date to date, often at the same time, are not as likely to build a lasting relationship as those who are focused on getting to know one special person. If all you care about is getting some strange, you'll continue to be a stranger.

Dynamic Do #2: Be Real
The most successful relationships don't start with two people all dressed up and on their best behavior. They start with someone going through the daily routine and bumping into someone else who happens to share some of the same interests. If you can't be your natural self with your sweetheart, then you'll never be in sync over the long term. After all, you have to show the naked truth at some point, don't you?

Dynamic Do #3: Leave Each Other Alone
If you want to continue to enjoy each other's company, you have to go off and do your own thing once in a while. Exploring new interests and making new friends apart from each other will energize your relationship. Develop your own talents separately, and you'll have exciting new things to talk about when you're together. And that exciting energy can carry over into other areas of your relationship, wink, wink.

Dynamic Do #4: Don't Forget Date Night
When things are working well, some couples tend to slack off on the dating thing. They cook a quick dinner at home and hang out in front of the TV. Put the kibosh on that! Shake up the routine once in a while and spend time on a real date. Dress up a bit. Go somewhere special. Look into each other's eyes and talk about your hopes and dreams. You might even play a few dating games while you're out that end with a win-win once you get home.

Dynamic Do #5: Treat Your Partner Like a Treasure
Couples who have really strong relationships continue to show their sweethearts how precious they are. If you don't let your honey know how high he or she rates, you might find yourself going solo and starting over and over with new ones.

So if you want to be one of those legendary success stories instead of an epic fail, put forth the effort and don't just wait for it.

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