Decode Her Double Talk

Women tend to read too much into what men say. He says, "I don't feel like going out tonight" and she hears, "I don't feel like going out with you anymore."

That's because, unlike men, who tend to mean what they say, women tend to have layers of meaning in even the simplest statement.

If you want to know what she really means, you need to read between the lines. This cheat sheet will help.

She Says: "I'm sorry."
She Means: "I apologized. Now it's your turn."

Her apology isn't the end of the argument; it's just the beginning of the reconciliation. Women are usually the first to initiate making up, even if she knows she was totally right. That's why your saying "I'm sorry, too" is a better response than "Apology accepted."

She Says: "I think I've gained a few pounds..."
She Means: "...But I'm still attractive, right?"

She's fishing for compliments here, so take the bait. Under no circumstances should you ever agree with her weight gain - real or imagined.

She Says: "I'm ready to go. But you should stay and have fun."
She Means: "You'd better come with me."

It's a trick! She wants you to take her home, but doesn't want to be a nag or feel she guilted you out of having a good time. But if you know what's good for you, you'll say goodbye when she does.

She Says: "You're really great with your nephews."
She Means: "I want to know if you ever want to have kids, without you freaking out."

Don't freak out. Women have this thing about thinking really, really far into the future. She's just looking for an indirect way to feel you out on the subject of marriage and family without scaring you. You can come up with an equally indirect answer, unless you know for sure you'll never want kids. In which case, this is a good time to say so.

She Says: "I'm fine."
She Means: "I'm pissed and it's your job to find out why."

Why won't she just say she's fuming? Because she thinks it's so obvious you should already know. If you suspect all is not fine, she's waiting for you to follow up (e.g. "Are you sure? You seem upset.") and at least give her the opening to explain what's got her panties in a twist.

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  • My friend wants to know if you were born in those jeans.
  • You should be someone's wife.
  • My shoes are having a party later. Why don't your pants come on down?
  • Hi, my name's Right ... Mr. Right.