How to Meet Your Dream Girl

Do you seem to keep meeting the wrong kind of woman? Do you get all excited about her looks and caught up in the initial flirting, and then later realize that she has pretty much none of the qualities you say you want in a girlfriend? If you want to meet your dream girl, then there are a few new rules you should follow.

Be Honest With Her
If you want a girl who is willing to just have fun with no strings attached, don't tell her you are looking for a committed relationship. If you're separated and unsure that you are ready to give up on your marriage, don't keep making promises about what you'll do with this new girl in the future. Tell her straight up what it is you desire in a relationship (or maybe it's that you don't want a relationship at all).

Stop Fooling Yourself
Do you tell your buddies that you just want a woman who can party all night and stay away all day? Sometimes what we say we want is not really what we want at all. Maybe you're afraid of being hurt again, so you keep women at a distance. But perhaps you want a committed woman who loves the real you - a beer-slurping, football-obsessed couch potato. Stop lying to yourself and acknowledge what you want. That's the only way you're going to come close to getting it.

Set Your Standards High
Once you recognize your ulterior motive in finding a woman - whether it's commitment-free nookie or true love with marriage and babies - take the right approach to finding her. Don't settle. If you're looking for a calm, stay-at-home woman who likes to discuss literature, don't expect the girl you pick up in the bar and sleep with the first night to turn into your intellectual princess. Hold out for women who share your interests and goals.

Be the Guy Who Deserves Her
On the other hand, if you are the party animal who always wins the burping contest at the bar and does body shots off the hot girls, you're not likely to attract a successful, mature woman. If your dream girl is hard to find, you'd better set out to be the guy who deserves her. Be yourself, of course, but make sure your standards in a girlfriend match up with your standards for numero uno.

What can you take away from all that guidance about finding your dream girl? Be yourself, be true to yourself, be true to her, and be patient. You may find that reality and dreams sometimes come together in a surprising wake-up call.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Hi, my name is Tommy, and I want you to be my baby's mommy.
  • Here's my library card 'cause I'm definitely checking you out.
  • I had sex with someone last night. Was that you?
  • Damn, that skirt is working. What time does it get off?
  • If you were a president, you would be "Babe-ra-ham Lincoln."