Explore Her! Travel Guide to Her Erogenous Zones

The female body receives millions of visitors each year - men from all over the world. And it's a welcoming country, too, warm and receptive. Really, the question isn't whether to go, but when to go, where to go, and what hot spots shouldn't be missed.

Here's our guide.

Her Neck
Though many travelers begin their journey at the lips, try exploring this nearby trail between her head and shoulders. It's packed with nerve endings and is a favorite of the locals.

What to do: This is a good rest stop. Take a break at one of the numerous places to nibble. Just keep the natural habitat as you found it - no hickeys!
Where to stay: Try heavily forested area right at the top of her spine. Lift the hair there and kiss her gently. Because it's out of sight, it's often overlooked by travelers.

Her Back
A great region to visit for both first-timers and seasoned travelers, a well-executed visit is both relaxing and builds receptiveness to other advances.

What to do: Begin at the base of the spine, pressing your thumbs along either side of the vertebrae. Slowly move your thumbs upward toward the neck. You may also want to pack some oil; some aromatherapy experts say the scent of jasmine and sandalwood act as aphrodisiacs.
Where to stay: Begin in the northern regions, before moving south to the mountain range below (known as her ass).

Her Thighs
Before moving north, make a pit stop at this less-traveled interior region.

What to do: Massage, tickling, and even breathing are all local customs here. Just keep it light; women's skin is thinner and more sensitive and this area is especially responsive to heat and touch.
Where to stay: The whole area is an erogenous zone and offers many great accommodations. But we recommend the inner thigh for its sensitivity and exciting locale.

Her Feet
Often overlooked - even avoided - by lazy tourists, this area offers many points of interest. The Chinese believe the feet to be the gateway to the rest of the body - including those better-known hot spots.

What to do: According to the principles of reflexology, massaging the arches of her feet will release feel-good endorphins, and pulling gently on her toes will release anxiety.
Where to stay: Travel north to the calf region, specifically the frequently ignored area behind her knee. Kisses and caresses here can have an arousing effect.

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