She's Faking It! And 4 Other Things She Isn't Telling You

You may think you know all about your girl, but no matter how much your sweetie shares with you, there are still a few secrets she's hiding.

Allow us to reveal...

We talk about you with our girlfriends.

Our closest pal is privy to all the observations we've made in and out of bed with you. And nothing is sacred. She knows the stuff we like and the stuff you like. She knows all about your technique, your stamina, and, yes, how you, uh, measure up physically. You're not imagining that knowing smirk our friend is giving you.

We picture other men while in bed with you.

Oh, like you never pictured some sexy starlet or that hot secretary who works down the hall from you. Why deny us the same pleasure? As long as we're not calling out the guy's name, just reap the benefits you're getting from our active fantasy life.

We've already decided if you're marriage material or not.

Chances are, if we're still together, you're looking pretty good. But, naturally, we can't tell you that for fear you'll careen out of our lives with nary an "I'm-not-ready-for-a-serious-relationship." Or maybe we just want a fling but don't want you to think we're cheap. Or we're just riding it out until we're sure you're not The One, and we don't want you to know you're being scrutinized.

We fake it.

Not all the time, and certainly not because we prefer it to having an authentically climactic experience, but sometimes we just want it to be over already. Maybe we're tired. Maybe we're getting sore. But we know your sensitive egos can't take our saying enough is enough. We figure that if we look like we've reached our passion peak, maybe you will too. Then we can finally get some sleep.

We don't have all the relationship answers.

Yes, we watch Oprah, spend hours psycho-analyzing you with our girlfriends, and love to throw out that therapy lingo in our discussions with you. We like you to think we know exactly what you're doing wrong in our romance. (And it is usually your fault, isn't it?) But here's a thought - if we knew this stuff, wouldn't we no longer need to do it? The whole women's magazine industry continues to thrive just because we still haven't figured you boys out.

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  • Baby, you're my rose in a garden of weeds.
  • Hi, my name's Right ... Mr. Right.
  • When I got shocked by your appearance, my hair wasn't the only thing that went up.
  • I'm not drunk. You intoxicate me.
  • I've been undressing you with my eyes all night long, and think it's time to see if I'm right.