Flirting Faux Pas...Don't Do This!

You may know better than to trot out cheesy pickup lines or drown your dream date in unwanted free drinks, but there are many more land mines to sidestep on your way from your first hellos to your first date.

Are you guilty of practicing any of these flirting faux pas?

  • Cutting Compliments. A compliment taken the wrong way will be taken as an insult. Until you get to know each other a little better, steer clear of potentially touchy subjects such as looks, weight or finances. Stick to neutral topics like what she's wearing (by admiring an unusual piece of jewelry, for example) or his sexy laugh.

  • Perverted Peepers. A seductive glance will win you points, but staring openly at her displayed cleavage will cost you the game. Eye contact only works when it's layered with a little mystery (making that stranger you're hoping to impress wonder if you're interested or simply being polite). Gawking at their goods kills the thrill.

  • History Lessons. Don't bring up your ex. Ever.

  • Friend-ly Fires. Yes, flirting is a numbers game, and you're going to have to make sustained eye contact with a number of potential targets before you hit your mark. But if you've committed to charming one person and he or she turns you down, you do not move on to the buddy sitting next to them. You'll lose credibility if you're seen macking on every man or woman in sight.

  • Persistent Pestering. Overenthusiasm gives the impression that it's your first night out after a year or two in prison. Why are you so excited to talk to someone you don't even know? So, stay cool without going too far in the other direction and acting like you're granting a favor by talking to him or her. The rule: Be yourself.

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