Float to the Top of Her List

If you're meeting women through an online dating site, you're in competition with a whole lot of other guys. And they're probably talking to the same woman at the same time. She's dipping her toes into several pools at once. So how do you lure her into yours? How do you float to the top?

Make Her Feel Special
If you want to get and keep a woman's attention, make her feel special. If you meet via online dating, she knows you're likely to be talking to multiple prospects at one time too. Let her know what draws you to her in particular. Start with the words she uses to describe herself. Her eyes and smile are safe topics. Her hot body is not the best thing to compliment her on initially, however. Save that for later!

Show an Interest
To draw her into conversation, ask her about her interests. Does she like sports? outdoor activities? indoor activities...whoa, keep it relatively tame in the beginning. But search for common ground. Biking? Hiking? Tennis? Golf? Checking out museums? Live theater? Outdoor concerts? The goal is to identify some activities you'd have fun doing together (with clothes on!) and find out what she enjoys.

Ask Her Opinion
After a few dates, you need to do more research. Find out what she wants in a relationship without going too deep. Ask her what her biggest turnoffs are. If she was married before, see if she'll talk about what went awry. Ask her what her ideal guy would do right. Ask her what no guy has ever done that would make her feel important. Then, if the relationship continues, do it!

Be Assertive
Most important of all, treat her with respect, but show her that you've got confidence. Ask her out with a particular activity in mind - no not THAT activity! (You've got to put some time in before you earn that one.) Suggest a particular restaurant or concert. But be flexible and listen if she's not in tune with your initial suggestion. Show her that you can make a decision but allow her to propose an alternative. Then you come across as assertive, but not pushy, and yet understanding.

Your goal here is to show this woman that you are confident enough to know what you want - her! Then dive in and show her that you are also extremely interested in what she wants - and that you plan to give it to her!

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Wanna wrassle?
  • I just bet that gentleman over there $25,000 dollars that you would have dinner with me in Paris tomorrow.
  • Are you from Tennessee? 'Cause you're the only ten-I-see.
  • Excuse me, miss. You dropped something: the conversation.
  • I'll throw a toga party if you need an excuse for getting under the sheets with me.