5 Ways to (Finally!) Forget Your Ex

It's over. You've cried, divvied up your stuff, promised to stay friends (more on that later). You've moped, gotten drunk with your friends, maybe even did the "last hurrah" ex-sex thing.

Now that you're ready, here's how to finally forget the past and move on.

Accept Reality
The sooner you accept the harsh reality that it's really over - and that means you stop waiting by the phone for a call, or expecting your ex to beg for a second chance - the faster you'll start feeling better.

Think Like an After-School Special
Think back on your relationship. Did you learn any Important Lessons? Take a post-breakup inventory. Do you see any patterns, such as only falling for men who can't commit, or women who need to be "rescued"? Make this a learning experience, and your next relationship can be a better one.

Don't Be So Damned Friendly
For starters, that post-breakup offer of friendship is never sincere. Usually the "let's be friends" line is a peace offering designed to make the dumper feel like less of a jerk and to help the dumpee not feel like a worthless speck of humanity. Even if you do manage to negotiate some kind of "friendship," you'll have to deal with how to act when one of you gets jealous, the reality that neither of you can really confide in each other and the inescapable fact that you've seen each other naked. It just can't work. So don't bother.

Find New Favorites
Since you're not going to continue seeing your ex, you'd better stop hanging out at all of his or her favorite haunts or those special places you shared together. Who needs the constant reminders? Go on a mission to find a new coffee shop for your caffeine fix or a new bar that makes your signature drink just right. And, hey, maybe that's where you'll meet your next love.

Cut Out the Comparisons
Don't compare any new loves with your ex. Ever. And certainly not out loud! Instead, focus on what makes your new guy or gal so special. Really pin down the qualities that attract you, and you'll appreciate your new sweetie all the more. And then you'll know you've moved on.

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