Make Your First Getaway

Like other parts of your relationship, communication is extra important when mapping out your first vacation together. Early in the planning stage have a discussion about what "vacation" means to you, but also let her know that you want an experience that thrills you both.

In this situation, it doesn't pay to wing it. You might want to discuss a few things in advance to avoid mismatched desires.

Who's Paying?
It will definitely pay off to discuss who's footing the bill for this trip. Is one of you handling the hotel or will you split it? If you're driving, she'll expect you to pay for gas unless she's offered to share the costs. Maybe you can let her buy some of the meals to even things out. Warning - you'll come across as cheap and tacky if you make her give you cash for half of all the costs. Don't be the guy who calculates; instead let her be the girl who reciprocates.

Where Are You Sleeping?
Your relationship so far lays the groundwork for this out-of-town outing. Will you be in separate bedrooms? (Let's hope not!) Do you prefer a king-size bed or will a cozy double do? Does she have any special requests? Windows that open? Mini-fridge? Jacuzzi tub? Ask her in advance and be straight if you don't want to pay for some of the extras. Tell her (in a polite way!) that you're willing to upgrade if she's willing to pitch in. The goal is to avoid any resentment about finances or lack of consideration for each other's feelings and comfort.

How Active Will You Be?
Beyond money and sleeping arrangements, there's one more major danger zone. Do you view vacations as a time to chill and drink beer? Explore new landscapes and take photos? Or do you seek the thrill of daring adventures? Before you leave town, come to some agreement about your activity level and the must-see sights. Be honest, but willing to compromise, on the amount of sightseeing, shopping, and poolside napping you can each tolerate.

Think about it - the ultimate goal of this together time should be "no worries." With a little planning, your first vacation as a couple can become a spectacular memory instead of a memorable spectacle.

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