How to Buy Gifts She'll Love

OK, so you've got a girl that you care about and it's gift time. How do you pick something that will impress rather than distress your sweetheart? No matter the occasion, the main rule is first consider your particular girl's tastes and idiosyncrasies. Does she love the smell of roses? Hate the color yellow? Is she a huge fan of a sports team?

Don't Ask, Pay Attention
Straight-up asking her what she'd like to receive or pretending to get her opinion about a gift for a friend will get you answers but won't win you as many points as paying attention to her. Listen to what she compliments her friends on, notice what she oohs and aahs over in magazines and on TV, and think about the type of clothes and accessories she wears. (Dude! Accessories are scarves, jewelry, belts, shoes - come on.)

Go for Sexy, Not Trashy
When it comes to buying lingerie, the goal is not to mimic a porno flick, but to make her feel sexy. Think about your particular woman and what she likes and dislikes about her figure. Pick something that shows off her assets and disguises her weak spots. What colors does she like to wear - black or red are usually good, but maybe she hates them both. Maybe she looks hot in purple or pink?

Standard Stinks, Unique Rocks
When searching for ideas, don't rely on your female coworker's advice. She doesn't know your sweetie like you do. Think about what makes your woman tick. Does she like traditional necklaces from a jeweler? Gold with gemstones? Pearls and emeralds? Or does she like funky, unusual earrings that don't particularly match with anything but express her personality? Notice what she already has and what she doesn't. If she has nothing similar to the style you're considering, there's probably a good reason.

Well Read? or Likes to Watch?
A good read or a hot new flick are potential choices only if you know specifically what your sweetheart wants and enjoys. If she's avidly reading a particular series and mentions that the latest book is due out, you're golden. On the other hand, if you're just trying to find something similar to one that she likes, you're in the danger zone. Ask her close friend or don't buy it! Videos are in the same category. Ask her gal pal or get a gift card to the bookstore. Don't presume, or you might have to be exhumed.

Remember, what applies to buying gifts applies to the relationship overall too - notice what she likes, what she doesn't like, what her own personal style is, and what makes her feel sexy and special. If you pay attention, it will pay off in more ways than one.

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