If You're a Giver, You'll Be Taken

Guys, you always ask, “What do women want?” Well, here's the ultimate answer. They want gifts. Some want expensive gifts. Some want flashy gifts. But your soul mate wants the gift of thoughtfulness.

What does that mean, you ask? It means listening and getting to know what matters to her.

Spend Time
It means paying attention when she says the store is sold out of her favorite perfume. When you find it in another store and come home with that special box, you've just broken out of the box in her view. When she spots a trendy coat in a store window and gazes extra long at it, file that away and surprise her with it. Then you might be in for a special sexy surprise in return.

Sometimes elaborate gifts are good, but most times simple ones are better. Your gift could be as simple as picking up the milk from the store or the towels off the floor.

Notice Her Mood
Paying attention also means noticing when she's having a bad day or a bad week and doing something to lighten the load. Take her out to dinner, or have a simple meal simmering on the stove when she gets home from work.

When you're a couple, it's so easy to fall into the trap of noticing the negatives. She left the milk out on the counter. You left the toilet seat up. She let the car run low on gas when you're running late for an event. Couples notice the little things.

Yet when you do something unexpectedly nice, she notices too. And she appreciates you.

Drop Hints
She understands that sometimes you get tired of giving and want to receive. She cares about your needs too. So she'll appreciate it if you give her hints about gifts that you'd like.

Because she wants to please you, tell her how much you like her back massage technique. Tell her how much you appreciate it when she packs up leftovers for your lunch. Tell her how much you like a hot shower with company. Even if she doesn't listen as well as you do, tell her anyway. She's bound to get the message eventually.

When you make her feel appreciated and noticed, the warm, fuzzy feelings will multiply. If you're a giver in your relationship, you're bound to get taken...taken into her arms...taken into the bedroom...but in the end you'll get taken into her heart!

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