How to Handle Rejection

Whether that sexy stranger gives you the brush-off or your hot new date stops returning your calls, rejection - in all its ugly forms - sucks. But don't let it get you down. Here, ways to keep getting out there again.

Don't Take It Personally

Don't think that rejection is some kind of personal statement on your worthiness as a human being. Resist the urge to think you're an unlovable ogre. It's sort of like applying for your dream job. You know you may not win it, but you try because you know you're qualified.

Deny, Deny, Deny

Go ahead and wallow in self-denial if it helps. Maybe the timing is all wrong, or they're seeing someone, or they're just unwilling to share their bed with anything other than their forty cats. It's not you; it's them!

Get Some Space

If you're rejected by a coworker, neighbor or anyone else you see on a regular basis, you'll need to give yourself from space from this painful reminder of being bitten in the ass by their rebuff. Fortunately, this is usually fairly easy since they're not exactly calling you daily to inquire what you're up to. Employ this avoidance strategy until you can stop thinking of your disappointment every time they cross your path and you've set your love sights on a more worthy prize.

Take a Lesson

Most importantly, learn from the experience. Of course, it's not your fault if this dreamboat failed to see your dating potential. But maybe something went wrong in your approach. Was it the obsessive way you kept picking lint off his shirt? Or how you couldn't seem to keep your eyes off her ample cleavage? Look for ways to improve your game and then get back to playing the field.

Try, Try Again

Being handed a rejection can make you feel like a dating failure, so by going out with other people you'll remind yourself that you're quite the successful catch. It'll also keep your mind off those losers who weren't interested. Next!

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Roses are red; the sun is gold. I'll get on my knees and do as I'm told.
  • I'm not Fred Flintstone, but I'll make your bed rock.
  • Touch her on the sleeve and ask, "Is this cotton?" Then touch her breast and ask, "Is this felt?"
  • I've seen you at the grocery store, baby; you're always in the same isles as the sugar, 'cause you're so sweet.
  • Hey, did you fart? Because you blew me away!