Her Biggest Bedroom Fears - And How to Calm Them

While it might be easy for you to shuck your insecurities at the door, most women only feel desire in context - how safe she feels, how connected to you she believes she is, and how she feels about herself.

Here are her biggest fears and how to pacify them.

Femme Fear #1: You're derailed by her defects.

Sure, we know the very fact that you want to see her naked means you find her hot, but she's still worried that you're hung up on her tummy jiggle or thigh dimples. She needs your reassurance - out loud. Compliment her body and how it makes you feel. Encourage her with your excitement about getting naked together.

Femme Fear #2: You think she's slutty.

Right or wrong, there are still some guys out there who believe in lame double standards. If she seems a little shy about revealing her wild side, it could be because she's still waiting to make sure you're not one of the jerks. Confirm that you're enlightened by praising her when she makes a bold move or show you're as into the action as she is.

Femme Fear #3: You're not having fun.

Okay, do you like it when your girl just lies there? Does it make you worry you're not getting the job done and that she's mentally checked out of the entire act? Well, she has the same fears. She needs your enthusiastic feedback to erase those doubts. Specifics are especially good; never be afraid to ask for a second helping of that move she does so exquisitely.

Femme Fear #4: She's not going to climax.

Ironic, isn't it, that while your biggest fear is finishing too fast, hers is not finishing at all. While she knows it's okay not to hit the big O, she worries that you'll think something's wrong with her - or with you. Don't add to her anxiety by asking her pointblank if she's peaked; instead, focus on what makes her feel good. With those pointers - and a low-pressure approach - you're all the more likely to achieve results.

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • Don't I know you from somewhere? I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.
  • You must be hot because I am burning up.
  • Here's a quarter to call heaven to let them know you're lost.
  • Are you running a fever? Because you sure are hot.
  • Do you have a twin sister?(She replies, "No.") Then you must be the most beautiful girl in the world.