Why Her Friends Know Your Business

You know the saying: "Women... You can't live with ‘em. You can't live without 'em." This holds true when it comes to girlfriends, wives and mothers. But chances are, you could probably live without many of your woman's girlfriends. You know which ones: the so-called-friends of hers who give you suspicious looks. The ones she calls to commiserate with whenever you make an innocent mistake, like forgetting your anniversary. The ones she's probably told every dirty and embarrassing secret about your sex lives to (trust us, she has).

You may be wondering why your relationship feels crowded by her friends, why they're always lurking around, why they know more about your love life than you do. And most importantly, you may be wondering if you'll ever be free of them. Here we answer all of your questions and more:

  • Why does your lover tell her friends dirt about your relationship? Women simply reveal more details about their private lives to friends. Guys watch football together. But when women get together, it's to talk about their families, friends and significant others. Whose to say which type of relationship is ultimately healthier?
  • Why are her friends always calling and dropping by? Her friends miss her. Once you walked into your lover's life, you took her away from her friends. They'll jump on any opportunity to spend more time with your woman, even if that means having to listen to hear gripe about (or praise) you.
  • Why do her friends analyze you? Women like to compare and contrast. In order for one friend to know if her man is sub par, she needs to know how her friends' lovers act. Hopefully, they're saying you're the king of them all.
  • Will her friends ever go away? Remember the saying, "Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer." Don't bother trying to step between a woman and her girlfriends. There's a good chance she'll choose them, not necessarily because she likes them better, but because you'll look like a control freak. Even if her friends make you cringe, befriend them. It will benefit you in the long run. If her friends think you're great, the next time your woman says, "He's a jerk," they may just try to change her mind.

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