The Sex Secrets She'll Never Share

You might know just what erogenous zone makes her nerve endings zing, or what her favorite bedroom game is to play. But there are a few things she'll never admit to you. Let us reveal...

Shh! She Fantasizes...and Not Always About You

Sorry, boys, but when you're doing that marvelous thing you do that makes her eyes roll back in her head, there's a pretty good chance that she's playing one of her mental fantasy reels. And it might not always be starring you. Oh, don't act so surprised - it's not like you never do it. If you'd like to play a bigger role in her randy daydreams, why not encourage her to spin her saucy tale out loud so you can both enjoy it.

Shh! She Cheated on Her Ex

She knows that even though she'd never dream of doing such a deed to you, confessing her sins will make even the most secure sweetheart have second thoughts. Once she 'fesses up to an infidelity - even though it was years ago with someone else entirely (who totally deserved it) - she knows you'll start wondering if you'll be next.

Shh! She Flies Solo, Too

She's got you, so why does she need her, uh, alone time? She could have an itch she needs to scratch (yeah, we can get horny, too). Or - yes - she could be left unsatisfied when you finish early or don't care if she reaches completion. She may be unable to let herself go in your company, or she's just plain better at it than you are. Many women can only achieve their peak through solitaire sex: She knows just where to touch, when, and at what pressure and speed.

Shh! She Lied About Her Number of Past Partners

That's a question you just shouldn't ask, let alone expect her to answer honestly. We know that there is no answer that will please you. Too high a number and we look indiscriminate. Too low and we look prudish or inexperienced. So we use that same fuzzy math you guys perfected - deduct partners whose names you can't recall, subtract drunken one-night stands and unmemorable sex - and fib. Let's be honest; didn't you do the same?

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Try These Pickup Lines

  • I only thought about you once today--I just never stopped.
  • You come on as strong as a garlic milkshake!
  • Would you be impressed if I stuck my tongue out and licked my eyebrows?
  • You're like a add meaning to my life.
  • At the laundromat, "How much bleach should I put in with my good suit?"