Why She's Holding Back

You're into your new sweetie, but you can tell she's holding back. If you're confused about "where this relationship is going," you're probably not the only one. Here are some reasons she might be cooler than you'd like.

Holding Back Hint #1: She's Got Baggage
If you sense that your new flame isn't revealing enough of herself (emotionally) to you, it's probably because she's got some baggage from previous relationships. Maybe she's on the rebound and hasn't let go of her old beau. Maybe she's from a family that doesn't express a lot of emotion. Maybe she's just tightly wound and doesn't open up easily. Keep it fun and light until you know more.

Holding Back Hint #2: She's Scared
Sometimes your honey is keeping you at bay simply because she's scared. Scared of getting hurt, scared of letting things move too fast or maybe even scared of scaring you off. If you think this might be her issue, don't push her but keep letting her know you want to spend time with her.

Holding Back Hint #3: She Hasn't Made Up Her Mind
If your girl seems reluctant or standoffish, the problem may be that she hasn't made up her mind about how much she likes you. Could be that she doesn't want to mislead you and isn't sure about pursuing a relationship. What do you do? Just be funny, be yourself and see where it leads. You can't control her feelings, but you can make the most of your dates and hope she sees how awesome you are.

Holding Back Hint #4: She Feels It's Not Working
Unfortunately, sometimes the object of your affection just doesn't feel the same way. She may be resisting getting closer because in her eyes the relationship's not working. For whatever reason, she's decided you're not the one. She's just trying to find the right way to tell you. Your move? Brace yourself for the boot.

If you're not sure why your ladylove is holding you at arm's length, see if you can open up the lines of communication. If you truly think she's got potential, give her some time and space. But let her know you're still interested and yearn to spend time with her. Who knows? Maybe she just needs some reassurance that you think she's special and worth some extra effort. Think about it - igniting a fire usually means starting small and building up to a hot, roaring flame!

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